The Festivalteam

The festival team consists of ten enthusiastic beer lovers who have only one goal in mind for 10 months: to ensure that everyone, brewers, visitors and employees, can enjoy themselves at the ZBF.

They accept with a smile that a lot of thinking and doing work is involved.

Contacts and good agreements with the brewers is an obvious matter, less known are the many other tasks involved in organizing a beer festival of the size of the ZBF:

  • Contacts with competent authorities and emergency services;
  • Ensure that the necessary permits are obtained;
  • Organization of tombola, information booth and catering;
  • Publicity and contacts with the press;
  • Secretarial work and financial administration;
  • Ordering the necessary glasses, tokens and T-shirts;
  • The construction and afterwards the breakdown of the various stands;
  • The supply and removal of all necessary material;
  • The safety;

It is all part of it, of course also with the support and commitment of many employees from the various Local Associations of Zythos vzw.

We are also counting on approximately 200 voluntary employees during the coming festival weekend. Are you such an enthusiastic beer lover and do you also want to contribute, then take a look at the special staff page.

Zythos vzw wishes the festival team, all visitors, brewers, employees and everyone else involved an instructive, tasteful and cozy ZBF.