Festival team

The festival team which is made up of many enthusiasts have spent more than 10 months ensuring that visitors, brewers and volunteers all enjoy the festival.

This involves lots of effort both mental and physical is all done with a smile.

Contacts and good arrangements with the brewers is one of the more obvious tasks, but less obvious but equally important tasks also need to be undertaken. Let′s take a look at some of them:

  • Contacts with the involved authorities and services
  • Applying for the necessary Permits
  • Organising of the tombola, info stand and catering
  • Publicity and contacts with the Press
  • Secretarial and financial administration
  • Ordering of Glasses, Tokens and T shirts
  • The building and dismantling of the contents in the hall
  • The Logistics of moving all of the necessary materials
  • Security
  • Preparation of the website, programs and their translations

It is all part of the support and effort put in by all of the local organisations and members of Zythos vzw.

During upcoming festivalweekend we count on about 200 volunteers. Are you the enthousiastic beerlover we’re looking for? Take a look at our volunteerpage.

Zythos wishes the festival team, all visitors, brewers, volunteers and everyone else involved an enjoyable ZBF.