• What is Zythos?

    It is the national beer consumers group made up of regional groups of beer lovers, who have got together to help protect the interests of the beer consumers. One of their main aims is to promote Belgian beer. It took over from the former “Objectieve Bierproevers”, known as OBP when they stopped in 2002. More info about Zythos can be found on the website www.zythos.be (only in Dutch).

  • What does ZBF mean ?

    ZBF is short for “Zythos Bier Festival” or in English “Zythos Beer Festival”. ZBF means a unique chance to try more than 500 beers and to meet their creators in a friendly place.

  • “Brewery” or “Beer Company”?

    Zythos wants clarity in the brewing world. That is why they only consider a brewery to be a brewery if they own and use their own brewing equipment. Even if the brewer actually makes his beer at another brewery Zythos categories this brewery as beer company. A lot of beer companies who call themselves breweries, brew their beer by a colleague or have it brewed by a colleague. For this reason Zythos allows the breweries with their own installations one month extra to decide if they wish to promote their beers at the ZBF. More info over the brewery / beer company discussion can be found at http://www.zythos.be (only in Dutch).


    Taste is an individual’s judgement on a beer and varies from Person to Person.

  • What are the selection criteria for brewers and beer companies at the ZBF?

    All Belgian Breweries and Beer companies recognised by Zythos vzw get the same chance to feature at the ZBF.

    The rule is: first come, first on the list.

    There is also a possibility for a Brewery to share it′s stand with a beer company for 2016 the will be 66 Brewery Stands and 22 Beer company ones.

  • Will there be free tokens for members of Zythos?

    Yes! As member of Zythos you will receive 2 free tokens. Don′t forget to bring your valid membership card including 2016 stamp to the info stand.

  • Will there be free tokens for EBCU Member organisations?

    Yes! Each member of other EBCU Member organisations will also receive 2 free tokens upon showing its corresponding Membership Card.

  • What are the opening hours?

    Saturday from 13:00 to 23:00. Priority entry on saturday for everyone who buys a presale starterpack.
    Sunday from 12:00 to 20:00.
    Last token sale one hour before closing.
    Brewers stop serving 30 minutes before closing time.

  • When was the first ZBF held?

    The first ZBF took place on 6 and 7 March 2004.
    Zythos who organise the festival started in 2003 and took upon themselves to organise a beer festival, but they decided to take their time and do it properly, so the following year saw the start of the first ZBF.

  • Why is the ZBF smoke free?

    Following the law passed 22 December 2009 Belgium has a smoking ban (with a few exceptions). This was reinforced by a change in the law 30 June 2011 to remove any exceptions.

    There is a space outside of the hall where you may smoke.