Stand holders

Below you can find all the breweries and beer companies signed up for 2019.

We ask the brewers themselves to be present as much as possible, but we can’t garantee they will be there 24 hours.

The list with ALL Belgian breweries and beer companies you can find on the website (in Dutch).

This list is subject to change.

Laatst gewijzigd / Last modified / Dernière modification: 20 February 2019

Antwerpen / Antwerp / Anvers

Brussel / Brussels / Bruxelles

Henegouwen / Hainaut


Luik / Liège

Luxemburg / Luxembourg

Namen / Namur

Oost Vlaanderen / East Flanders / Flandre-Orientale

Vlaamse Brabant / Flemish Brabant / Brabant flamand

Waals Brabant / Walloon Braban / Brabant wallon

West Vlaanderen / West Flanders / Flandre-Occidentale