Month: April 2019

Stand holder changes

Due to unforeseen circumstances 3 breweries had to cancel. Brewery Van Den Bossche, Brewery Donum Ignis en Brewery de l’Attrait won’t be present at the Zythos Bierfestival next weekend.

Luckily we found some worthy replacements. Beerfirms Brabance (Stand 75) and FDW Brands (Stand 27) will be joining us. Brewery St. Bernardus moves from stand 70 to Stand 79. This way both Brewery St. Bernardus and Brewery Dupont (Stand 70) will have their own stand.

Updated exhibitor- and beerlists can be found here.


You can now find our full beerlist on Untappd. Do you have your ZBF 2019 wishlist ready?