Consumer Trophy

Every year there since 2006 there has been a consumer’s trophy handed out by ZYTHOS after the festival based on the votes cast by the visitors to the festival.

You were asked to fill in your top 3 on the appropriate ballot papers, and these votes showed the choice of the visitors.

The Zythos trophy has the logo of Zythos and the name of the winning brewery engraved on a piece of cut granite, size 30cm x 30cm and is 2 cm thick.

This year you can again determine your top 3 of the presented festival beers. From 2022 you will no longer do this on a ballot paper, but online in the festival application. This is possible until Friday 29 April 2022 at the latest. It is important that you use the number on your wristband to vote.

Page last edited on 8/8/2021

Some photo opportunities of the awards ceremonies of recent years: